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About Carolynn

Carolynn has over 25 years of experience in knowing how to get a job done. She excels at organizing, tracking, balancing, and managing just about anything and she LOVES details!

Carolynn has a brilliance for numbers and empowering business owners around their finances and money. She has a down-to-earth approach of making sense out of the numbers and organizing transactions so business owners can really understand what is going on in their business. She is wizard at creating systems that organize and track details.

She is a natural born teacher and loves helping clients understand how to take charge of their business and life through money empowerment skills. She is so passionate about this topic, she founded the Money Empowerment Project to help people explore and transform their relationships to money.

In 2019, she published the international best-selling book
The Land of Plenty: A Soulpreneur’s Guide to Finding Joy, Possibility and Abundance through Money Empowerment.

Carolynn loves to speak to audiences of all sizes about money and living in The Land of Plenty.

Her detail-oriented personality goes hand in hand with her ability to manage multiple tasks and timelines. She makes sure no detail slips through the cracks and all projects are managed to perfection through her mastery of timelines, budgets, and project management.

Carolynn thrives on saving her clients time and money with her ability to get the job done quickly and effectively. Her attention to detail is unsurpassed.

Carolynn began her career in banking, but quickly found her passion in event planning. She worked as an event planner in both corporate and non-profit, producing fundraising events, high-end incentive trips, and previously managed an event venue before opening All The Details in 2013. She officially retired from event planning in 2020.

Carolynn loves to stay busy and can’t get enough sunshine. She loves spending Sunday afternoons on a boat or poolside. Her happy place is anywhere near water – especially the ocean (she believes she was a mermaid in a past life).

Get to Know the Bookkeeping Team

Fun Facts about Angie Willis, Bookkeeper

  • I grew up in Eagar, a small town in the White Mountains of Arizona.
  • My secret talent is that I sometimes compose music on the piano.
  • I am surprisingly good at baking, though my hobbies and interests outside of work are theater (BFA in Stage Management), creative writing, craft projects, and yoga and barre workouts.
  • I also, may, or may not, have a slight obsession with Hugh Jackman, but who doesn’t?
  • I once worked a Christmas show with Thurl Bailey, but I didn’t know who he was, and my first thought was, “Dang, that guy is tall. I bet he’d be good at basketball…”
  • I organize my closet based on 1) Article of clothing 2) Length 3) Neckline—It makes sense in my head.
  • My always and forever fur-baby was a cat named Kazoo—whom I miss every day. My long journey of trying to care for him and his illnesses led me down the path of caring for other cats in need.
  • I love that I get to help business owners at All The Details with their financial picture by exercising both the analytical and the creative side of thinking.

Fun Facts about Ginger Adams, Bookkeeper

  • I am an intuitive artist, an author, a storyteller, a master energy healer, a spiritual mentor and I love love to play with words
  • My most-prized possession is my integrity
  • “Secret” talents 1-creating a million voices (characters) and I do a few bird calls, 2-I learned to ride a motorcycle at age 46 and 3- I am trained in de-escalation techniques used in group home settings
  • The Green Isle of Ireland is on my travel bucket list
  • My biggest personal goal is To Be, Express, and Share more Love
  • I am passionate about supporting others in remembering their magnificence. Working with All the Details feeds this passion as I am given the honor of supporting entrepreneurs to experience confidence and joy, bringing clarity to their “prosperity” picture.

Fun Facts about Lynsey Adams, Bookkeeper

  • I am the Mom/bonus Mom to six kids, all but one of whom are taller than me (he’s working on it).
  • Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, and when we’re feeling brave, we take the whole crew. Our most recent adventure was to Disney World in Florida, where I learned that I am definitely built for a dryer environment, like Utah (where I have lived since birth).
  • When I’m not traveling or being an accounting superhero, I love crafts of all types, my most recent favorite is cross stitching.
  • I’m a podcast and audiobook junkie
  • I love action movies and cooking shows
  • I adore long hot showers
  • And despite living in Utah I hate the snow

Fun Facts about Carolynn Bottino

  • I love to do jigsaw puzzles – In high school I used to complete a 500-piece puzzle almost daily
  • I am seriously an old lady when it comes to my sleeping habits – I go to bed around 8:30 and wake up around 5:00 am (don’t be surprised if you get an early morning email from me!)
  • I love disco music and anything that makes me dance. One of my favorite songs is Brick House by the Commadores. I recently sat next to Clyde Orange – the man who wrote the song on a flight but didn’t know it was him until we were getting off the plane. I didn’t really believe it was him until I walked away and googled his photo.
  • I used to do triathlons – I may get inspired and come out of retirement soon.
  • I recently rediscovered my childhood love of roller skating. It brings me so much joy. I can’t stop grinning from ear to ear when I am on my skates.
  • I love to travel to tropical destinations. Bora Bora is at the top of my bucket list, and I have almost reached my goal of traveling to every location mentioned in the Beach Boy’s song Kokomo. Aruba is the only place I have left to visit.

Company Culture + Values

Our company culture and values support an environment where everyone feels valued, appreciated and empowered. We embrace a culture that allows us to:

  • Lead from your heart and love what you do
  • Take ownership
  • Inspire others
  • Have a healthy life balance – Live your life! Have fun!
  • Be adventurous, creative and open-minded
  • Be passionate and determined
  • Strive to exceed expectations
  • Embrace and drive change
  • Be impeccable in your ethics and integrity
  • Be accepting, non-judgmental, and hold a safe space for others
  • Be generous with your talents
  • Embrace flexibility