Why we are different

It’s never just about “doing the books,”  it is about empowering you to be profitable while doing what you love.  We help you create a system and structure to keep you organized, keep your finances up to date, and help you understand your numbers so you can make educated and profitable decisions to grow your business.

We love to:

  • Work with entrepreneurs who are open to a hands- on approach to money.
  • Guide you through setting up your accounting system so the numbers make sense to you (and not just your CPA).
  • Help you to understand your numbers.
  • Keep you organized so you can spend more time making money doing what you love!

Monthly and quarterly packages are available starting at $125 per month and include your subscription to Quickbooks Online.

How we work

Whether you are stuffing receipts in a shoe box and know it’s time to set up systems that empower you around your money, or you’ve been working with a bookkeeper and like the empowering approach that we provide, we work with our clients to first set up the system that will work best for you then provide a monthly retainer to keep the momentum going.

We start just where you are with no judgment.

Carolynn helps you strategize and implement the systems you need to get you organized and to understand your numbers.  This not only gives you enormous peace of mind but you can start to make decisions that help you grow your business and become more profitable.

Once the systems and strategy have been established, your account will be managed by one of our amazing team members. Carolynn works hand in hand with her team and stays involved in your account. She is always available to help you understand your numbers and strategize with you as things grow and evolve.

Ready to feel empowered with money?