EXPLORE your money story
CREATE more abundance
TRANSFORM your relationship with money

About the Money Empowerment Project

Money. It is a big topic. It is part of your life, every single day. It’s something everyone wants more of. Yet, so many people don’t want to talk about.

At this moment, you may be exhausted from working too hard, never making enough, wondering if you should even close your business.

You may have no clue how much money you have made, or maybe you don’t want to know for fear of seeing how much money you have lost.

You may perceive yourself as poor, or a “starving artist,” or someone who just isn’t “good with money.”

You may not be valuing your services, and pricing yourself in a way that doesn’t support you.

Regardless of where you are and whatever labels you identify with, I’m glad you’re here.

The Money Empowerment Project was founded to help you understand your money stories and money blocks, as well as your money patterns. The programs are designed to provide practical ideas and empower you to understand your numbers. If you are open, this work will transform the way you think about money so you can live in what I call the Land of Plenty.

There are three steps to finding the Land of Plenty and these steps are the foundation of the Money Empowerment Project:

  • The first is to EXPLORE your money story. Every single one of us has a money story. It is surprising how common some money stories are, but they are just stories, and stories can be re-written into new beliefs. No matter where you are right now, you have a choice about how you interact and feel about money.
  • Second is to make some deliberate choices and take action to CREATE abundance. Here is where all the practical pieces fall into place. Once you know what you want, you can take action and create systems and strategies that help you live a life of joy and abundance.
  • The last is to unlearn what has been holding you back TRANSFORM your relationship with money. You have to be willing to open yourself up to receiving everything you are asking for, and many times, it doesn’t show up the way you think it will.

If you are ready to find your own Land of Plenty, let’s chat and see if we are a good fit. I look forward to supporting you on your money journey!

How the money empowerment project was born

As a bookkeeper I have the honor and privilege of seeing hundreds of people and their intimate relationship with money. Because I am their bookkeeper, I also see how this correlates to what is or is not in their bank accounts and I began to see various money patterns.

I discovered that no matter how much money people did or didn’t have, what mattered is that how they felt about money. I also saw that everyone has a money story and it was impacting their ability to attract and receive abundance.

It became very apparent that I was more than just a bookkeeper – I had a calling to help people become empowered around their money. My clients often tell me I have a natural gift to teach people how to interact with their money in a way that transforms their relationship with money.

This is how the Money Empowerment Project was born.

My money story

I came from a household where both my mom and dad were entrepreneurs. In addition to my mom’s business, she also worked a full-time job. I grew up believing that you had to work REALLY HARD to make money and be successful.

So that’s what I did.

I worked really hard for almost 20 years in non-profits and the corporate world doing events and had a side business helping people with their bookkeeping. I always gave 110% and couldn’t understand why I was always exhausted, burned out, and could never break my energetic income level of $50K a year.

The last “real” job I had was running an event center. It was kind of like running my own business because I managed it all – from the sales and marketing, to the staffing, and even buying the toilet paper. The building was operated by a non-profit and by a twist of fate, they were gifted a building by another non-profit.

To make a long story short, I put 110% of my energy into creating a business structure for this second building, and when it came down to compensating me for my time and talent, I was offered a 4% raise to manage both buildings. That didn’t sit so well with me, and when I told my boss no, he fired me.

What happened in the next couple of days was life changing. Instead of looking for a “stable” job where another boss could underappreciate my work, I started asking myself soul-searching questions. 

I got my first glimpse of what I like to call The Land of Plenty – a world where I can choose what is possible for my future, instead of being afraid of not having enough. 

Within a week of getting fired, I made up my mind. I opened my own bookkeeping and event planning business – All the Details.

I now have a life I love. My husband and I moved to San Diego which I had dreamed about for over a decade. I’m making LOTS more money, and not working as hard. Although… it took lots of soul searching to get to this place. 

It’s not like the day I got fired and decided to become an entrepreneur, I magically left behind my belief that I had to work really hard to make money. If anything, that story only amplified. As a new business owner, my hard work paid off at first. I quickly grew my business to 40 plus clients, and made more money than I ever had before. It felt like amazing success! There was just one problem – I didn’t have any time to enjoy the life I was creating!  I was still working REALLY HARD to earn money. I was living in the Land of Scarcity and Lack. For me my lack-of-money story was amplified by my lack-of-time story. I was exhausted and overwhelmed but didn’t see any other way to run my business. The truth?: I was self-sabotaging my success. The belief I had to work really hard was running the show.

Something had to change. 

About that time, I met a business coach who combined systems, strategy and soul.  I followed my intuition and hired her.

Over the next six months I transformed into a soulpreneur and I unlearned what was holding me back. 

  • I unlearned my belief that I had to work really hard and I hired a team to support me. 
  • I unlearned putting my client’s needs before my own and restructured my business so I could have time to ENJOY my life. 
  • I let go of clients who were no longer a good fit and didn’t bring me joy. 
  • I STOPPED being afraid of not having enough – enough time, enough clients, enough money. I left scarcity at the door and walked into The Land of Plenty. 

Amazing things happen when we stop being afraid. 

Letting go of fear completely changed my relationship with money. This journey is an ongoing process. Even though I have a lot of knowledge about money stories, money blocks and abundance, I still have shit come up. I still freak out occasionally. The difference is now I have the tools to help me return to the simple truth – there is plenty of money. I can always generate more. I am not afraid to spend money because I know it is just a matter of time before the money I spend comes back to me.

With these truths as my guide, I now live in The Land of Plenty.

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